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The word ghrelin reminds me of the word gremlin. It’s like I have a little gremlin in my stomach always trying to tell me to feed it.

<p dir="ltr"> I went to the weight loss seminar last night.&nbsp; I made my appointment to meet with the surgeon November 7th but I'm kind of scared my insurance won't except the claim. Aetna wants two years of documents from doctors saying I'm overweight.&nbsp; The problem I haven't really been to a doctor for the last two years. Did anyone else have this problem? </p>



Everyone should know this.


i don’t drink tea (except ice tea :P) but for all u cool people who do, here :)

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A map of the U.S. showing the produce in season for the month of November.


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Proud of myself. Decided to have celery sticks with peanut butter instead of a chocolate ice cream milkshake.